Launch Fiber has a four step plan to accomplish it’s goal of bringing gigabit fiber to our community:

Gather, Educate, Plan, Act

  • Phase 1 – Gather:  This phase is where we grow our list of partners. This list will include big and small businesses, non-profits, residents, local government leaders, and more. You can join us and view the list of partners here. This phase is ongoing, though we will transition out of it soon to focus on our next phase.
  • Phase 2 – Educate: This phase is very important. Launch Fiber will be part of a joint effort in educating our local community about the pros and cons of a fiber internet infrastructure. We will assist in learning about the financial costs, potential risks, different methodologies in managing a project of this type and scope, and more. We will also hold a large conference with our partners to get all thoughts, needs, and wants vocalized and in one concise location.
  • Phase 3 – Plan: Launch Fiber will take part in a planning effort on how to best accomplish the goal of bringing fiber to our community. Working with our partners and local government, we will be the Point of Contact between local businesses and those involved with the construction, development, and management of a gigabit network. Launch Fiber will help be the voice of the community.
  • Phase 4 – Act: Phase 4 is the one of the most important steps in bringing a gigabit fiber infrastructure to our community: Action. Launch Fiber is not only a platform for vocalizing a community opinion, it is also a way to demonstrate to those who stand in our way that we are serious and determined to see results. Launch Fiber Partners will help come up with a plan of action in the case of any legal suits against the local government. This will, in turn, help prevent or lessen the severity of these suits due to boycott power brought on by a large and determined community. Launch Fiber will also help assist in any way it can in the planning, development, and building phases of a gigabit fiber network by utilizing it’s extensive network of partners.